All three disciplines across all our locations: Voice, Dance & Stagecraft...

CarrickfergusHoly Trinity Woodburn

Prospect Road, Carrickfergus, BT38 8QB.
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Times Dance Voice Stagecraft
10-11am 6-8 Years old 3-5 Years old Private Lessons
11-12md 3-5 Years old 6-8 Years old Private Lessons
12-1pm 9-11 Years old 12-13 Years old 3-8 Years old
1-2pm 12-13 Years old 9-11 Years old 14-Up Years old
2-3pm 14-Up Years old 9-13 Years old
3-4pm 14-Up Years old Private Lessons
4-5pm Over 30s

LarneSt. Cedma’s Church Halls

Church Road, Larne, BT40 3EU.
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Friday Evenings

Times Dance, Voice, Stagecraft
6pm to 7pm 3-6 Years old
7pm to 8pm 7-9 Years old
8pm to 9pm 10-Up Years old

GreenislandGreenisland Church of Ireland

Station Rd, Greenisland, BT38 8UW.
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Wednesday Afternoons

Times Dance, Voice, Stagecraft
4pm to 5pm 3-7 Years old
5pm to 6pm 8-Up Years old

WhiteheadWhitehead Presbyterian Church

Kings Road, Whitehead, BT38 9PU.
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Tuesday Evenings

Times Dance, Voice, Stagecraft
5pm to 6pm 3-Up Years old