Jenna Macartney

Jenna Macartney

Jenna Macartney

Dance Coach / Production Team

Jenna was born in Carrickfergus in the month of December 1998. She always loved school and was always willing to learn. Last year, she was able to finish her school career with being chosen to fulfill the role of ‘Head Girl’ in her Secondary School.

Throughout her life Jenna has enjoyed so many wonderful experiences that have helped her to boost her confidence within ‘The Arts’ including taking part in dance competitions with her GB from as young as the age of 6.

She joined Uplift Performing Arts as a dance student when it first opened in 2009. Since then she has been involved in many productions including multiple Dinner Theatre shows and Uplifts first International Theatre Music Exchange Program to Danville, Kentucky, USA in 2014.

In addition to this, over recent years Jenna has been able to adopt leadership roles within casts and form part of the production teams of many projects along with stage directing several shows.

Performing Arts is something that Jenna believes everyone should have the joy of taking part in and truly loves the way Uplift is special with their teaching style. Not only do they teach the three main disciplines of Performing Arts with such passion but they also work with children of all ages with the aim of increasing their self-confidence and self esteem while doing it.

She is SUPER excited to be part of Uplift and cannot wait to work to all with her students and make them the best they possibly can!